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Babies in the Tennessee Valley need our help and we are taking action for them together! The Great Diaper Drive of 2017 is over, after our big “Blitz Day” success. Our community stepped up in a huge way on Thursday by donating thousands of pounds of diapers and wipes for babies in need.

So many donations were made that we’re still counting them all! We have collected at least the weight of a full-size SUV in diapers and wipes, but we expect the total to be even bigger than that.

WHNT News 19 is partnering with Rocket City Mom and iHeartMedia Huntsville for The Great Diaper Drive; collecting diapers and wipes for local children. Our annual effort reached a new milestone last year, with the formation of The Diaper Bank at the Food Bank of North Alabama — a first-ever bank of its kind in the Tennessee Valley.

This year, we’re looking to get even BIGGER results.

About This Effort

Five years ago, WHNT News 19 and Rocket City Mom learned local babies were going without clean diapers, putting them at increased risk for illness and abuse. The families in need each had a different story. Some were down on their luck, facing a sudden job loss or financial hardship. Others were fleeing domestic violence with next to nothing. We wanted to help, so we joined with community partners to establish The Great Diaper Drive. Since then, the project has grown exponentially, with donations topping 100,000+ diapers and wipes in 2016.

Donations benefit The Diaper Bank at the Food Bank of North Alabama, which works to provide diapers and wipes to partner agencies across 11 area counties; greatly expanding the impact of our annual Diaper Drive.

Donations this year will fill the Diaper Bank’s warehouse shelves, and be distributed to local agencies including Manna House and Crisis Services.






What About Cloth?

Cloth diapers are a terrific option for many parents; reducing environmental impact and providing a tremendous cost-saving potential. Unfortunately, they are not for everyone. Many low-income parents juggle two jobs, limiting the time they can commit to a cloth regimen. Others lack access to a washer-dryer or a stable home environment. Perhaps the biggest obstacle though stems from daycare policies. Many will only accept disposables.

That said, if you’d prefer to give cloth diapers during The Great Diaper Drive, we’d love to have them! All cloth diapers collected for 2017 will be given to the North Alabama Cloth Diaper Bank.