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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – Back in July, a Morgan County boy was airlifted to Huntsville hospital after nearly drowning in a swimming pool. Now, the deputies who helped revive the boy are getting recognized for their fast action that helped save his life.

Tuesday’s commission meeting in Morgan County started off differently than normal: Morgan County Sheriff Ron Puckett going before the chairs and officially commending the lifesaving actions of his deputies, who helped save a toddler named Mycah last July.

Just one month shy of his second birthday, Mycah nearly drowned at a crowded family get together.

Glenda Lockhart is Mycah’s custodial parent, but he calls her ‘Nana.’ She said there were kids ages 2-18 playing around the pool, then, she said, things got quiet.

“The other children were making noise but I couldn’t hear Mycah. It was just a sense of foreboding that something was terribly wrong.

She said she went outside to check on things, and saw Mycah floating in the pool.

“Then my granddaughter pulled Mycah out of the pool. She placed him on the cement and we did CPR.” she said.

She said she had never given CPR before, but used what she had seen on television to administer it to the child. She knew she had to try until help arrived. She’s grateful deputies were already in the area.

“We arrived within a minute of getting the call. When we arrived, we saw family members beside the pool,” Sgt. Shannon Ferguson said. “He was blue around the lips, totally unresponsive.”

Shannon and another deputy were giving the boy CPR. Soon after, they saw breathing return.

“When I was doing CPR I saw a breath, but when Ferguson started CPR I was even more positive that I saw a breath,” Lockhart said.

The deputies continued giving CPR until Medivac arrived to airlift Mycah to Huntsville Hospital.

“Each and every one of them worked so hard when they were here to bring Mycah back to us,” Lockhart said.

Lockhart said the child’s progress report upon arriving at the hospital was “not good.”

“When children turn blue in the pool, that sometimes they have suffered a brain injury,” she said.

After a day and a half, Mycah made a miraculous recovery, no brain damage . Lockhart said thanks to the fast action all who helped him. Then, Mycah came home.

“To see a little boy have a second chance just really was a blessing,” Sgt. Ferguson said.

“Our blessing is that we get to look forward. We’re not mourning the loss of a child so we’re absolutely blessed in every way,” Lockhart said.

Mycah, his Nana, and the deputies came together on Tuesday at the County Commission meeting, reunited after a year, carrying a bond that will last a lifetime.