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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The aerospace & defense company Northrop Grumman is hoping to help make the school year a little easier on many kids who may not be in the classroom by sponsoring online learning through the U.S. Space & Rocket Center’s Space Camp.

Camp Education Programs Manager Heather Roden said the online modules can get pricey, which may prevent kids in 5th-8th grade from getting a chance to experience what space campers learn with hands-on opportunities.

“Along with that, we have videos on how to do those activities, videos that are interviews with those in the industries today, career connections, and education connections that people can tune into and put everything together into one big learning module,” Roden told News 19.

Northrop Grumman stepped in to cover any costs for teachers, parents, and students running the documents and videos, Roden said.

“This last year and a half or so has been so crazy for everybody: for teachers, for parents, for scout leaders, for everybody who does things and tries to educate children. So we just want to get this out there to put just an extra tool in their pocket to just help them out and make learning fun.”

You can visit their website here to look at all of their resources.