Sounds good to me! Band Teacher Matthew Hendrix wins $319

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala – This Tennessee Valley teacher shows his students that perseverance pays offs.

Matthew Hendrix teaches band at Whitesburg P-8 in Huntsville.

His fellow faculty members say that he is a very hard worker.

“His program is very phenomenal. He really works hard and is very sincere and means well,” said Principal Linda Burress.

Mr. Hendrix says he wants to change his students’ lives through the power of music.

“Band changed my life so that’s why I wanted to be a band teacher,” said Hendrix.

Mr. Hendrix says he hears the improvement in his students on a daily basis.

“It’s amazing to see how they are today versus or day one versus how they are at the end of the school year.” said Hendrix.

Mr. Hendrix teaches him to persevere.

“At first they sound like dying animals to sounding amazing at the end,” said Hendrix.

Mr. Hendrix tells his kids that band is more than just music.

“Band teaches them problem-solving skills, teaches them how to analyze data, make decisions, the importance of teamwork,” said Hendrix.

Mr. Hendric is molding his young musicians and showing them the value of practice.

Here is a life lesson from Mr. Hendrix, a note you might say.

“It’s hard starting off but the more you do it, the easier it becomes,” said Hendrix.

Mr. Hendrix was thrilled to win $319 for his family.

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