MADISON, Ala (WHNT) — The heat was on at Toyota Field Saturday as hundreds of people packed the parking lot to get first dibs on barbecue, chicken and ribs. More than 60 teams across five states travelled to the rocket city in hopes of being crowned first-place overall winner by the Kansas City Barbecue Society.

Smoke in the Outfield, the two-part ‘premiere’ barbeque festival allowed visitors to sample individual teams’ barbeque. One of those tasty samples would also be selected as ‘People’s Choice’.

With a cash prize and bragging rights on the line, these pit masters and their teams held nothing back.

David Pucket with Puck Daddy’s Killer Q said Alabama barbecue has several important qualities that make it unique.

“It’s gotta be tender. Here in Alabama and in the southeast it’s gotta be sweet,” he said. “Gotta have a little touch of heat at the end of it and it just depends on what the judges like at the time.”

Smoke in the Outfield is a weekend-long festival with food and fun at its center. These teams went head-to-head to earn a cash prize and be crowned champions by the Kansas City Barbeque Society.

And the men weren’t the only ones who want all the smoke.

Bonnie Edmonson with team All Smoked Up said folks shouldn’t count out the ladies.

“Well the ones that know us know not to do that,” she said. “The ones that don’t know us well maybe they’re in for a surprise we’ll find out at the end of the day I guess.”

Some teams stick with their secret recipe that never changes. While others, like the father-son duo of Watson Beans and BBQ are trying something new.

“Ohh I love it and he’s got some ideas that I wouldn’t even try,” Earnest Watson said. “The lollipop is his idea. I wouldn’t have done that today at all.”

Ultimately, the champions were crowned Saturday with Red Bone winning best barbeque chicken.

Bentley Que won best ribs with a perfect score of 180, which topped them off to win best overall in the competition and the grand prize.