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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Space and Missile Defense symposium sort of works as a science fair of what the tech and defense industry can do for America’s future security, but one local company offers video game features as well.

“We’ve quickly grown throughout things like flight training, support to NASA, and cybersecurity,” says Lionel Hamilton, with Integration Innovation, Inc., or I3 for short.

One tool from the 10-year old company takes the world of military maintenance training to another dimension with virtual and augmented reality hardware and software, which Business Unit Lead and experienced pilot Hamilton says changes the game – into almost a video game.

“Now, we’re seeing a growing industry in the virtual training market,” Hamilton says. “Back when I went to flight school it was all pieces of paper or maybe PowerPoint or Flash Player (to prepare for working on a vehicle). Now we’ve got this stuff where it’s on my iPhone for me to study before I go on a flight or on a mission.”

I3 says not just the Symposium, but Huntsville itself is critical to their success with the defense industry, and therefore America’s success.