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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Intuitive showcased some of its latest technology at the 2022 Space and Missile Defense Symposium.

With creating modern solutions at the forefront of the company’s agenda, the symposium created the perfect environment to highlight its new software solution “Sentelligence”.

Intuitive Technical Artist Liv Weaver told News 19 how the symposium helps the company network and create new partnerships.

“Being able to talk to people at SMD and get to network it’s so wonderful to hear their problems and be able to discuss the problems that we face with big data as a company. To be able to relate about those things and start find some solutions and also find some partnerships in ways that we can work together to solve those,” Weaver said.

Weaver knows sorting and analyzing large amounts of data is a hurdle every major aerospace company must jump at one point in time. With the help of “Sentelligence” data analytics can become simple. Through natural language processing, the new software solution can take human-written data and transform it into a summarized synopsis for companies to read.

Twitter has been a primary source of this practice for the company.

“It’s a great way to train an algorithm on what people are thinking because there’s so much out there all the time,” said Weaver.

This software can save large corporations a lot of time because instead of having to read every piece of data, the system can track and sort information over a period of time to create a summary of data.