Another year and new threats to answer

SMD Symposium
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HUNTSVILLE, AL – It’s not a criticism to say that each year’s Space and Missile Defense Symposium is very similar to all others.  There are certainly the same kinds of high-tech exhibits and no shortage of people standing near them talking. You could figure it’s not the kind of event that would be on the minds of troops in hostile lands. But you could also think that what goes on at the Von Braun Center for this event, definitely affects them.

“It’s measure, countermeasure every day in our lives. We know as soon as we develop technology, our adversaries are looking for a way to counter it as we are doing to them. So it never ends. It’s a constant progression,” said Andrew Bevilaqua, the founder of Bevilaqua Research and an exhibitor at this year’s symposium.

You could think of Space and Missile Defense gathering as part of that constant countermeasure Andrew was talking about. The government, military, and industry are all involved. “So all these things are valuable because of all the different things that come together and all the different companies and people,” said David Diaddario of Radiance Technologies.

David quick to point out that all the meetings, all the talk have a real purpose. “That trade of ideas and solutions to make something bigger,” said David.

Bigger means an ever-changing combination of companies working together. No matter the threat the symposium helps the effort. And it’s all made easier because the leaders and the people who turn their words into action are gathered in one place. “They’re from all over the world, and so to bring them together at once to get that viewpoint, to get that message across and to understand what that message is going us is priceless,” said Jim Rogers from Lockheed Martin.

The ultimate beneficiaries, if they knew what’s happening on their behalf, would definitely agree.

Don’t forget, the SMD Symposium continues through Thursday afternoon. Our coverage will continue on WHNT News 19 This Morning the entire week.

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