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NORTH ALABAMA (WHNT) – Deliveries are underway from Bank Independent volunteers, to organizations benefitting from their annual School Share supply drive.

“This is one of the most exciting years,” Huntsville city Bank Independent President DeMarco McClain said. “We’re always excited to be able to contribute to the communities we operate in and partner with our local communities.”

According to the bank, $16,773.88 were raised in monetary donations, and 19,167 pieces of supplies were donated in total this year. Whatever is donated inside a particular area, is donated to the organization based there.

DHR of Limestone County received $2,487.67 and 1,874 supplies.

DHR of Franklin County received $2,137.66 and 699 supplies.

DHR Of Lawrence County received $3,394.70 and 3,140 supplies.

Sidneys Safe! Foundation (Florence) received $3,844.09 and 7,793 supplies.

Committee on Church Cooperation (Decatur) received $2,342.66 and 2,782 supplies.

Free 2 Teach (Madison County) received $2,567.10 and 2,879 supplies.

The economic impact was around $55,108.88, and officials estimate the now 9-year total for School Share is well over up to $200,000.

Free 2 Teach’s Executive Director, Alison Kling said drives like this one are incredibly important.

“They’re not just providing supplies, pencils, and crayons. They’re providing smiles on the faces of kids and joy in classrooms across our community. It is so exciting,” she told News 19.

She added, that receiving donations now, couldn’t come at a better time. As the end-of-summer shopping season is already proving to be a busy one, with teachers feeling the pinch of inflation.

“We have been open for about two weeks now. We’ve already given away $205,000 in supplies,” Kling said. “It makes it easier to check your bank statements and provide for your own family when you know as a teacher in your community that these basics are covered for our public school children and families.

Those with Bank Independ who volunteered for this year’s School Share say, they’re happy to help.

“We are very passionate about education at the bank, and just being able to aid these children and give them the school supplies they need so that they aren’t behind when they get to class on the first day,” Bank Independent Community Engagement Leader Hallie Mauldin said. “It’s really incredible when the community comes together to give back to something so great.”