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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – Colonel Mark Sullivan never intended to make a career out of the army; a career that spanned nearly three decades. Now, the retired officer’s service is earning him a spot in the Hall of Heroes.

Col. Sullivan joined the army in 1988. “My military career spans 27 years,” Sullivan said. He retired in 2013 after his career had taken him around the world.

“I’ve had three operational tours, traveling to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and Korea, and subsequently five combat tours to Iraq,” Sullivan explained. “To simplify that, I’ve been away from home quite a bit.”

Col. Sullivan has a lot to show for his service. “As a retirement award, I was awarded the Defense Superior Service medal,” he said. “But, I’m most proud of the five deployments and the four Bronze Star Medals that I was awarded, specifically the Bronze Star with Valor.”

Medals are one thing, but Sullivan’s most precious award is his family. “I can tell you I’ve got a beautiful, supportive, loving wife, and six wonderful children that have supported me along the way.”

The army gave Sullivan a lifetime of memories.

“In 2013 specifically, I got to cross the border of Kuwait with 3,500 of my best friends, and spend 26 days fighting alongside them. Again, I could have recognized hundreds of those individuals for the same recognition.”


Col. Sullivan is being inducted in the Hall of Heroes with six other men on Friday at the Von Braun Center.