HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) — Redstone Arsenal threw a welcome ceremony for two high-ranking officials Monday.

Army Material Command (AMC) Gen. Ed Daly officially welcomed Lt. Gen. Chris Mohan and Marion Whicker to AMC to both the command and the Tennessee Valley, though both joined the command in 2022.

Mohan serves as the senior commander of Redstone Arsenal and manages the day-to-day operation of the Army’s logistics enterprise. He said he feels his posting at Redstone has really been a homecoming.

“Lots of great friends, have family that is here, so it’s just a wonderful homecoming, and a great job,” the lieutenant general said.

Whicker serves as the AMC executive deputy to the commanding general and is the senior civilian official at the AMC, roughly the equivalent of the three-star general. She handles responsible for overseeing personnel, resources, industrial base operations and several other areas for the AMC.

Whicker said that the position is really a return to AMC.

“So I’ve been back and forth army material command in the last several years,” she said. “Again a 38-year product of army material command. Originally from Detroit, but now Huntsville is home and I’m proud to be here.”