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LAWRENCE COUNTY Ala. – An unlikely pairing leads to a heart-warming tale out of Lawrence County.

Nic Richelle says an 8-day-old kitten showed up on her doorstep.  Its eyes are not even opened yet. She didn’t know what to do with it, but her dog Nikki did.

“When we all kinda got relaxed, she kinda rolled over to her side and began to nurse her.”

Richelle said Nikki is going through a false pregnancy right now.  So the timing couldn’t be more perfect. She said Nikki immediately began to foster the kitten and take care of her as if she’s her own.

Richelle said, “It’s teamwork.  She feeds the kitten and cleans her and I help her with everything else.”

Though it may seem like an odd mix, the two became fast friends.

Richelle said, “When I noticed this bond that Nikki and the kitten began to develop, I’m kinda curious to see how it will unfold.”

Richelle said she plans on keeping Sandy the kitten and giving her a permanent home.