Veterinarian has special fund to cover medical expenses for strays


Dr. Kelly Griffith of Decatur Animal Care plays with dogs at her practice

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DECATUR, Ala. – Dr. Kelly Griffith of Decatur Animal Care says many people come to her practice with a stray they’ve found in the area, but are unable to pay for whatever medical attention the animal may need.

To alleviate that, Dr. Griffith set up a special fund that goes toward the medical treatment of strays brought in for care, known as the Betty’s Bag Fund.

“I just did not want anyone who wanted to do the right thing to not give that animal that opportunity because they can’t afford it,” said explained.

She tells WHNT News 19 it’s in honor of Betty, a dog found in the area and adopted. Betty had medical conditions that forced her owner to bring the dog to Griffith’s practice multiple times a week. Naturally, the team at the office built a bond with the pup, and once she passed, Griffith decided to establish the fund for animals like her.

“There are so many people that find strays and have the heart to take that stray off the street and bring them to the vet, but then they don’t have the funds once we do our exam,” said Dr. Griffith. “Instead of that dog [or cat] having to go to the shelter because that person doesn’t have the capability to take care of the needs, we have this fund available.”

Griffith says the majority of the strays brought in are adopted by the good samaritan that brings them in; she adds that now that word is spreading about the fund, many people that she helps donate back to it, in a pay-it-forward type of way.

“It’s a fund that we use, depending on the time of year, on a monthly, weekly, daily basis,” she said.

To contact Decatur Animal Care, visit their Facebook page or their website. Their website also has a special page about the Betty’s Bag Fund.