The story behind this viral ‘dog pool’ photo

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URBANNA, Va. (WTVR) – A photo posted to Monday has now been seen by nearly 800,000 people.

Under the header “Saw this while walking through a small town in VA – it’s nice to know that someone is looking out for all the pups in this summer heat,” Reddit user Brittany Magill, of Falls Church, posted the photo of a sign.

The sign read: If Your Dog Has To Be Outside… Please Take a Pool To Help Them Cool. If the kiddie pools are all gone, I’ll replace as soon as I can – Megan

A lot of people liked the message and up-voted the photo to the front page of Reddit — a social news and entertainment website.


Megan, it turns out, is Megan Brockman, the owner of Cafe Mojo on Virginia Street in Urbanna. She said she came up with the idea to buy the pools last month after two dogs died from heat stroke in Newport News.

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