(WHNT) — From Florence to Huntsville to all edges of the Tennessee Valley, News 19 is working to highlight pets who need a fur-ever family!

This week’s adoptable pets are Hardy from the Greater Huntsville Humane Society (GHHS) and Horton from Florence-Lauderdale Animal Services (FLAS).

GHHS says that Hardy is a very friendly and sweet boy, who loves to give kisses and hold your hand. His leash manners are good and, they say he is intelligent and alert.

Hardy currently has a condition called flea dermatitis that caused him to lose a lot of fur, but the staff at GHHS have been helping him to get healthy and grow it back.

You can learn more about Hardy and how to adopt him on the GHHS website.

Horton has been described as a bit of an odd duck! Horton isn’t unfriendly, but he isn’t exactly a social butterfly. “He’s reserved and independent and cautious but he’s pretty sweet (albeit quirky!) underneath all those nerves,” FLAS says.

He loves fetch and toys and even catches ‘little zoomies.’ Horton isn’t super cuddly but he can warm up to be affectionate in his own ways, giving kisses and offering up his stomach for a scratch.

He’s very clean in his kennel but will probably mark, at least initially, in a home, according to FLAS. He’s still getting used to leashes but isn’t bad on one and FLAS added that he’d love a yard!

“He’s a weirdo, but he’s found his way into several of our hearts so we’re hopeful he can do the same with someone out there! Please help us find him a loving home where he can just be Horton!” FLAS added.

You can learn more about Horton and other animals in the Shoals up for adoption on the FLAS website.