SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Sen. Jon Ossoff (D-Ga.) introduced a bipartisan bill intended to help military families find housing.

During a press conference via Zoom Friday morning, he said he hopes a re-calculation by the Department of Defense will provide more opportunities to these families.

The bipartisan bill is intended to revisit the methods used to determine the housing allowance that military families receive.

Ossoff says the basic allowance granted to military members is disproportionate to the housing costs throughout the country.

Currently, the allowance is based on one’s pay grade, dependency status and where they are being stationed.

However, Ossoff says many military families have to live as far as 45 minutes away from their base just to find affordable housing.

This year, the average price of a home sits at $436,000.

Ossoff says the current housing allowance granted to military members is simply not enough in this economy.