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These students are among 16,000 others nationwide who have the opportunity to continue in the competition for roughly 7,500 National Merit Scholarships offered in the spring and worth nearly $30 million.

Decatur City Schools

Decatur High School

  • John Wesley Peters

Huntsville City Schools

Grissom High School

  • Christopher Dye
  • Jeremy Hwang
  • Kyle Mince
  • Alexandra Stofer
  • Emily Xing

Huntsville High School

  • John Lusk

New Century Technology High School

  • Jane Brennan
  • Abigail Haider
  • Alexander Ivan
  • David Maurer
  • Mary Phillips
  • Shreyas Puducheri

Madison City Schools

Bob Jones High School

Students from Bob Jones High School who were named a National Merit Semifinalist:
Elise Baumgartner, Xueer Chen, James Clark, James Garrison, Yashas Gentela, Kailyn . Grant, Benjamin Gunasekaran, Jonathan Gunasekaran, Benjamin Kosan, Everett Krome, Maanasi Limaye, Thomas Nguyen, Diane Pham, Aubteen Pour-Biazar, Dalton Shurtz, Collin Spindle, Brandon Todd, Mike Zhang, Lillian Zhu.
  • Elise P. Baumgartner
  • Xueer Chen
  • James M. Clark
  • James D. Garrison
  • Yashas Gentela
  • Kailyn R. Grant
  • Benjamin A. Gunasekaran
  • Jonathan A. Gunasekaran
  • Benjamin J. Kosan
  • Everett N. Krome
  • Maanasi Limaye
  • Thomas M. Nguyen
  • Diane D. Pham
  • Aubteen Pour-Biazar
  • Dalton P. Shurtz
  • Collin M. Spindle
  • Brandon R. Todd
  • Mike R. Zhang
  • Lillian X. Zhu

James Clemens High School

Students from James Clemens High School who were named a National Merit Semifinalist: Om N. Badhe, Aaron J. Bright, Grace A. Cardinale, Adeleine E. Chatterton (not pictured), William D. Fox, Tyler D. Gohlich, Sarah Guo, Sydney Y. Hur, Afolabi A. Idowu, One Kim, Yewon Lee, Haripriya Mantraratnam, Joshua T. Murphree, Minh A. Phan, Santosh S. Sadasivam, Kaija K. Sorensen, Grant C. Spivey, Sarah K. Vaughan.
  • Om N. Badhe
  • Aaron J. Bright
  • Grace A. Cardinale
  • Adeleine E. Chatterton
  • William D. Fox
  • Tyler D. Gohlich
  • Sarah Guo
  • Sydney Y. Hur
  • Afolabi A. Idowu
  • One Kim
  • Yewon Lee
  • Haripriya Mantraratnam
  • Joshua T. Murphree
  • Minh A. Phan
  • Santosh S. Sadasivam
  • Kaija K. Sorensen
  • Grant C. Spivey
  • Sarah K. Vaughan
Randolph students named National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists

Private Schools

Randolph School

  • Grayson Brinkmeier 
  • Cortner Crumlish 
  • Felipe Marples Rodriguez 
  • Cate Martin 
  • Kate Owens 
  • Lydia Slocum 
  • Frederick Wessel 
  • Eric Xing   

An average of 95 percent of students who become semifinalists advance to the finalist stage, and about half of those students will win National Merit Scholarships.