North Alabama celebrates Earth Day

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – On Saturday, events were held across north Alabama to celebrate Earth Day -even though Earth Day lands on Monday, April 22nd this year.

On one end of Madison County, the Solid Waste Disposal Authority held a hazardous waste drop off to help residents get rid of their unwanted hazardous items like electronics, paint, and pesticides.

“All the electronics get recycled. It goes to a recycling facility so it’s recycled. All the hazardous waste, the pesticides, herbicides, things like that goes to a hazardous waste center,” said Jesse Davis, and Environmental awareness officer who ran the hazardous waste drop off.

And with all your trash the solid waste disposal authority takes in, what comes out is something unexpected.

“The latex paint, things like that, it goes to our waste energy facility where we burn it and we recover the energy out of it to make steam for the Redstone Arsenal,” says Davis.

By getting rid of your paint this way Davis says you’re providing energy for Huntsville’s very own Redstone Arsenal.

But this wasn’t the only event in north Alabama that wanted to teach others how to take care of our environment.

On the other side of the city, Monte Sano State Park held an Earth Day farmer’s market to get people out of their homes and into nature.

The event’s chairman, Soos Weber says they hope people of all ages have fun, but realize how important it is that we take care of our planet.

“What our purpose is is to bring the next generation of young people up so that they really appreciate what’s around them and that way they will take care of it too,” said Weber.

After spending some time at the event, Caroline Stapler says it’s safe to say that the next generation got the message.

Caroline and her two brothers agree that their generation needs to keep our environment clean.

“Keep the Earth clean! Keep the Earth very clean so it won’t be so bad to live on it because we’re going to live on it for a long time,” said Caroline.

If you’d like to find out more about throwing away your hazardous waste with the Solid Waste Disposal Authority, you can go here to find out where their next drop off location will be.

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