New Market community asks for county to clean up “horror house”

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – If you drive down Meadow  Green Drive in New Market, at the very end of the road you’ll find a house with a blue tarp outside of it. Neighbors say they can’t live with what’s under the tarp any longer.

The tarp is covering trash and furniture, but the neighbors aren’t surprised.

“I’ve been here ten years and it’s just been a progression, first the grass gets overgrown, vines overtook the house and at one point you couldn’t even see the front door from across the street,” said Bud Gambrell, who lives across the street.

But the inside of the house is even worse.

On April 16, a crew came out to clean the house, but they apparently brought the trash outside. And they were wearing hazmat suits.

But neighbors like Jeremiah Anderson said the hazmat suits weren’t enough. “Face covered, head covered, from head to toe. And several times they came running out of the house vomiting.”

Gambrell says the fact they felt the need to wear hazmat suits to be inside the house concerns him.

“If you have to go into a house and remove stuff with a hazmat type suit on then why is it okay to leave it on the street? There’s something obviously wrong with it and they knew that to put the suits on to begin with,” said Gambrell.

District One County Commissioner Roger Jones went to the house Tuesday morning and said it’s terrible and he wishes he could do something about it.

“I don’t know who owns this property but they need to be held responsible,” said Jones.

He says the county can’t go onto private property, so the only thing they were able to do was pick up the trash on the side of the road.

Mortgage Contracting Services posted no trespassing signs on the property.

They were contracted to manage the property but that ended on April 16.

There’s still no word on who currently owns the property.

But one thing is certain, the people who live on Meadow Green Drive want it cleaned up.

The Madison County health department tells WHNT News 19 the house is currently under investigation — and they are trying to get in contact with the current owners.

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