HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Most middle or high schoolers find themselves involved in some sort of extracurricular activity on top of their regular classes, and here in Huntsville some students are working to build robots for special competitions.

The First Tech Challenge saw Four teams from Huntsville participated in the event: the Redstone Robotics, the Nerdettes, Browncoats and the Hampton Cove Middle School STEM Team.

“So for this season we have poles there called junctions there on top of springs so they can move the idea is a giant connect the dots with robots,” Redstone Robotics captain Grace Litte said. “There are two alliances red and blue and so whatever color is on top is owning the pole. It’s not about being the fastest but it’s about paying attention.”

Teams from all across the country created robots to dominate the floor.

There are two portions: the first is autonomous meaning the robot act on its own after being coded by the students.

The second part is operated by a teammate with a video game controller.

Redstone Robotics teammate Akash Singhal prefers the autonomous portion as it eliminates human error.

The Redstone Robotics received second place in The Innovation Award, which has to do with coding and robot design.