HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Many children and teenagers are waiting for forever homes in Alabama. November is National Adoption Month, and several organizations are working to raise awareness of the resources available to those considering adoption.

“The opportunity that families can give to our youth is life-changing, and we can’t say that strongly enough,” said Children’s Aid Society of Alabama Director of Advancement John Stone.

The Children’s Aid Society of Alabama exists to make sure children in need of safe and happy homes find them.

“More than 200 children, ages 5 to 19 typically, parts of sibling groups, who have been removed from care by their parents, by judges, the court system, and DHR, are looking for a safe and secure home,” Stone said.

Stone said families considering adoption often begin the journey believing several misconceptions. You do not need to be a foster parent before adopting, and the process is not as expensive as some expect.

“Alabama is a very generous state when it comes to adoption,” Stone said. “All of our services at Children’s Aid Society are free for families going through the pre and post-adoption process, and the state gives many stipends that are available. It can be a low-cost or even a no-cost option for families.”

The Children’s Aid Society of Alabama works with families before, during and after adoptions, providing support and resources. If you are considering adoption, Stone said his organization wants you to know you are not alone.

“We walk with our adoption navigators here in the Huntsville community with families who want to learn more,” Stone said. “We provide home studies in which we go in and talk about the adoption process, look at the home, and work with families to make sure it is home where they can provide that service and that love to those children.”

According to the Children’s Aid Society of Alabama, families are required to undergo a home study as part of the adoption process. APAC works closely with families to conduct a thorough home study, which is then submitted to the State Department of Human Resources for approval. The home study serves as a crucial component in narrating the family’s story, playing a pivotal role in the matching process.

If you would like more information about the adoption process, resources are available with no commitment required from you or your family. You can contact the Children’s Aid Society of Alabama through their main office at 205-251-7148 or