HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) — The Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center kicked off the holidays Monday with their annual holiday show.

Merrimack Hall provides visual and performing arts programs for both adults and children with disabilities. Every fall, the organization puts on a special play both to showcase their students and ring in the holidays.

This year was the 13th annual performance.

Trevor Alsup plays a security guard in the show and said Merrimack offers a unique opportunity for its students.

“This was my goal my whole life was to become and actor, and be, join Merrimack and join Steve and Hayley so they can teach us all this acting stuff…” he said. “It teaches me that there are other kids with needs out there that don’t have this stuff, and its, and what we are doing, it’s the right thing, to help those kids in need, who don’t have that much stuff out there.”

Merrimack Hall Found Debra Jenkins said the center’s programs provide an important opportunity for students who might not be able to express themselves through the arts normally.

“I just think it’s so important that children and adults have a chance to express themselves creatively and participate in the arts, so our students are people who would normally not be allowed to participate in productions like this, and we try to give them the most professional experience that they can have, and put them in front of an audience with costumes and lights and props, and it’s just such a rewarding experience for them to see the joy they bring to audiences,” she said.

Jenkins said anyone interested in volunteering at Merrimack or if they know someone who would be interested in being a student to contact them at