MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — The Marshall County Animal Control Shelter is facing an adoption crisis and without some help, it’s likely to affect dogs like Carlos.

Carlos is a loving, gentle giant who is about five years old, and he’s spent nearly three of those years inside the four walls of his kennel.

He loves cuddles, hugs and hot dogs, and he is one of many that are in desperate need of a home at the shelter.

“The immediate need is adoption they are really needed really bad, especially by May 1st,” Marshall County Animal Shelter tech Jamika Thomas said, “we have a lot of dogs that are in immediate danger of euthanization.”

They started with over 100 dogs and have seen nearly 60 find homes, but as of Saturday night, an additional 28 dogs could be brought to the shelter in need of adopters.

Like Tobias, who is jumping for joy at the thought of a home, or Ava who is patiently waiting for a loving owner.

Now, pets can be a big commitment especially financially, and if you are worried about those initial costs, the shelter has you covered.

“For the month of April we actually ran a free adoption event,” Thomas added, “That includes your spay your neuter and all your shots are already done, and you’ll get your paperwork at no cost to you.”

Remember Carlos?

Well, he is one of the success stories.

After three years of waiting for someone to love him, he has found his forever home where he can play fetch for many, many days to come.

To contact the shelter, call 256-960-1408, or to connect with a volunteer for shelter scheduling times to meet call 256-486-8770

Additionally, Leslie Hyde, a volunteer at the shelter, said she is available to help schedule potential adoptions, to get in contact with her call or text 205-305-5098.

They have been overwhelmed with calls, so if you would like to look at adopting any of the four-legged friends, the shelter is located at 91 Abbott Road, Albertville, AL 35950.