HAZEL GREEN, Ala. (WHNT)- A Madison County teacher lost her home in a fire in September, leaving her family without a place to live. Now, she’s asking for help from the community.

Chasity Perry teaches Pre-K at Walnut Grove Elementary School, but this school year, when all of her students have gone home — she hasn’t been able to.

“Within like two hours my whole life was destroyed,” Perry told News 19.

She says the fire started in her laundry room and quickly spread throughout the home. “I turned the dryer on to dry some blankets and I smelled something…” Chasity’s son was the one who noticed the dryer was on fire, “I immediately started throwing water on it, and the smoke overtook us and we had to get out,” Perry explained.

The home had been in the family for generations, the history written on the walls. Her great aunt’s name written in the 1930s, still stands.

“They had the first radio in the community, so people would come up here on Saturday night in their wagons to listen to the Opry… It just means so much… Seven generations have come through the doors of this home” Perry said.

Now, friends and colleagues are trying to help the beloved teacher pick up the pieces.

“As a mom, thinking about her being put in that position, it just devastates me. I think about myself as a mom, and my priority is to provide for my family and to make sure they are always safe and taken care of — and her feeling right now that she’s vulnerable and can’t do that, breaks my heart,” Jessica Aguirre-Cantrell, Perry’s friend, told News 19.

Currently, Perry says she and her son are staying with her mom and her daughter is staying with a family friend.

“I would love to see people give back to her…That they will help her in her time of need, as she would when they are in their time of need,” Shawn Anderson, another friend of Perry’s said.

There is a GoFundMe set up for the Perry family to help as they rebuild. If you’re interested in donating labor, materials or anything else, you can reach them through her GoFundMe, email or through the Chasity Perry Recovery Account at Redstone Federal Credit Union.