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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – Madison County Commission representatives approved to keep current retiree insurance rates the same for next year.

Hundreds of former Madison County employees from service workers to tax collectors and sheriff deputies can expect to have a little more cash in their pockets and focus on other expenses.

A potential increase of more than six points for health insurance was on the table until district representatives decided the county could handle the bill.

“We feel like they really deserve it,” said District 4 Representative Phil Vandiver. “We had a good year at the county commission and we’ve been able to help our full-time employees. We just took this opportunity to help our retirees too.”

Vandiver went on to mention the relief this decision could provide given the current cost of living and the impact of inflation.

“Retirees don’t have a lot of extra money coming in… so if we can get by without having to raise their health insurance cost, that’s a big deal to them.”