Madison City Schools offering free program to help kids with ‘behavioral issues’


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MADISON, Ala. – Madison City Schools are offering a free program that aims to help parents with children who may have behavioral issues including ADD and ADHD.

Starting in September, the school system will offer two 10-week programs. These two-hour classes will be available throughout the school year to parents with children ages 5 to 10 years old.

The course follows “Loving Solutions”, which is a manual that covers topics like parental influence, sleep, and diet.

Briana Hawkins, a social worker, says they’ve gotten great feedback from previous courses.

“In the classroom, a child who may have difficulty following direction, a child who does not listen, a child who isn’t coming to school. A child who has poor grades. A child who is acting out in the classroom. All of these are signs that can be addressed in this program,” said Hawkins.

Parents need to register by Monday, August 26th and are required to attend every class.

Contact Briana Hawkins at 256-464-8370 ext. 10249 or by email at to register and for more information.

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