Madison City Schools bus driver encourages middle school students to know their worth

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MADISON, Ala. – A Facebook video shared by Kimberly McFadden shows a Madison City Schools bus driver encouraging her passengers to believe in themselves.

The video was taken by a Liberty Middle School student on the way home from school on Tuesday. According to the post, the bus driver pulled the bus over and spoke to the kids about having good self-esteem and knowing their worth.

The post says that the driver went through the bus and told all the kids on the bus something positive about themselves and a positive affirmation.

She tells one student that she is special because she can speak another language.

In the video, you can hear her say ” You are great! You are powerful! You are unique!”

She tells the kids they all have special gifts.

The driver says ” We have perfection, we have unique, we have talent…we have greatness on this bus.”

She takes the time to lift the kids up and make them feel good about themselves at such a hard age.

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