HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) — Local officials, military personnel and residents came together Monday to remember the fallen in honor of Memorial Day.

A large crowd gathered at Huntsville-Madison County Veterans Memorial Park to honor the fallen heroes. Locals heard from U.S Army Material Command Commanding General Charles R Hamilton and witnessed the laying of several wreaths at the memorial.

Memorial Day is a day of somber remembrance for the country as a whole, but several of those in attendance Monday morning talked about what the day means to them personally.

Local Joseph Rucker, who served in the United State Army, said being able to remember the fallen at the Memorial Park was an honor.

“You know, as a member who served twenty-four years in the Army, it truly is an honor to come out here, you know, and just pay respects to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice,” he said. “Memorial Day means a lot. It means, you know, coming out here and paying respect and honor to those who, who have served and those who weren’t able to make it back home.”

Bagpiper Joe Ausfahl said he feels the day is also about remembering those men and women who chose to serve their country knowing the risks to their own safety.

“Memorial Day is when we recognize all those veterans that knew they were going in harm’s way, knew they could sacrifice all and did sacrifice all,” he said.

Jayden Williams said he feels that Memorial Day is also an important day to remember those we have personally lost. He said he believes the holiday allows people to express that loss.

“It’s important to, express how you feel about the people that you’ve lost and also know a way to represent them and remember them,” Williams said.