HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) — Serving with a Purpose Ministry hosted a special event, honoring grandparents who raised their grandchildren on Sunday.

The event was strictly to put a spotlight on these grandparents.

Seven grandparents were driven to The White Azalea Estate by a limousine and escorted from the car down the red carpet to a special table.

Serving with a Purpose founder and president Amanda Winfield said the event was all about giving recognition to these grandparents that they often don’t get.

“They do not get enough recognition for what they do,” Winfield said. “So today we want to take this time now and just honor them for their hard work. They’re just going right back to where they started with their children and now their raising their children’s children.”

One of the ways they were celebrated was by being crowned kings and queens at the celebration.

There were cloaks and crowns waiting for them, but one grandparent Elois Jones was set apart.

“One great-great grandparent we’re going to honor tonight so she is raising her great great granddaughter, four years old,” said Winfield, “The grandparents will be crowned in robes and she is going to get a different colored robe, a royal robe a purple robe with a gold crown and the rest of them will have silver crowns and red robes, so she is going to stand out.”