HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Two bills specifically have sparked outrage among the LGBTQ+ community in Alabama.

House Bill 401 (HB401) would ban the use of drag performances in the presence of minors in schools, public libraries and other public spaces.

Meanwhile, House Bill 405 (HB405), would define biological sex language in Alabama law.

Known as the “What is a Woman Act,” the bill would outline distinctions between men and women, as well as terms like father and mother, based on a person’s biological sex at birth.

Rally speaker Allison Montgomery said, if passed, many would have to scramble to live under the new conditions.

“It’s important that people write their legislators, call their legislators, both if you can, because otherwise they will just move it through and these bills will become law,” Montgomery said.

Under HB401, drag performances would be specifically outlawed around children to “protect” them from exposure to “material harmful to minors.”

If passed, the bill would put drag performances under the definition of sexual conduct, which includes sexual intercourse, sexual contact and lewd exhibition.

Miss Majesty Devine, a prominent drag figure and performance organizer in North Alabama, says drag performance is not harmful to children.

“You’re not going to find an example of some kid being hurt at a drag show,” Miss Majesty Devine said, “But you’ll find a whole bunch of them from churches, pastors, schools, and coaches. Why aren’t they passing laws to keep kids from being groomed in those situations?”

The rally brought together generations old and new together.

Natalie Vlasoff, a Huntsville resident and mother of three, said “Well it’s important for me to make sure my kids know what’s happening and what groups are having rights taken away.”

As far as the overall message, Miss Majesty Devine sums it up saying, “We’re not going anywhere. We are going to fight for our basic human rights and it’s not something they’re going to get to strip away by redefining things and trying to legislate us out of existence.”