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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – As Kids to Love works to set up their new center, sometimes prayers for help are answered in an amazing way.   One big need was office furniture.

Not only was their need met, but the blessing was so big the Kids to Love team decided to pay it forward.

“Kids to Love is once again loving the community, and I’ll lose my composure here answering prayers, I’ll just leave it at that,” said Brad Ploof of

“We got this fabulous gift of free furniture and we have been looking for some desks, filing cabinets, some books for the office,” said April Ford of Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Alabama. “I know what I like, I know what we can afford, the two do not mesh, unfortunately.”

Furniture is the basic of everything for the office.  You can sit in the floor — that’s what we’ve been doing for a while so thank you very much — and whoever blessed you — it’s unbelievable.  One step forward,” said Ploof.

“I’m actually going to have to leave some things just because I don’t have a big truck, but I got the important pieces that I want and it cost us nothing but some time,” said Ford.  “It’s just a gift, an absolute gift, Christmas in August.”

Kids To Love’s new center is located at 140 Castle Drive in Huntsville.