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In this week's Kids to Love, a boy with an extremely creative mind... and a sweet tooth.

Nazarius is 12.

"I like chocolate," he says.

He is in the 7th grade and loves history.

"It's the only one I got a 100 in. I like to study wars." Nazarius shares.

It's Nazarius' love for wars that fuels his hobby.

"Now I'm making a video game." Nazarius said.

He lights up sharing the detailed plot and characters in his game.

"He was on the Bermuda squad in my game. He's the leader of the enemy. One of the enemies actually which with the help of a friend we called it the Grady clan, so he's pretty much the enemy but he's seeking trying to lead the Bermuda squad to a trap," Nazarius explained.

While Nazarius loves talking about video games, he doesn't like talking about real life.

Lee asks "Have you had to move a lot? What's hard about that? Do you have to switch schools when you do it?"

Nazarius is currently placed in a foster home where he is the only child, but would benefit from an environment where there are other children close to his age, and with someone who loves to bake.

"I like cake too, mostly red velvet." Nazarius says.




Todays frequently asked question,


Are you allowed to adopt children you foster?


While slightly more than half of all children who enter foster care return to their birth families, there are still thousands of children who cannot return home.


Of the 53-thousand children in foster care adopted last year, 53 percent were adopted by their non-relative foster parents.


Many times people chose to foster, because that opens the door to adopt.

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