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For girls Laura’s age, being in foster care at the age of 16 is tough.

“Kinda fell back on my grades a little bit from moving from home to home, I moved from a 1A school to a 6 A school and so it's a lot of transitioning I had to deal with and so I'm trying to get my grades back up.” Laura said.

She will be a sophomore this year, she’ll start the school year in a new home, away from her sisters.

“Yeah every since we were little I've been a mama figure to her, changed from being her mom to her sister a lot of work on my part because all I want to do is mommy her and take care of her.” Laura said.

You can’t blame Laura; it’s all she’s known.

“How long have you been in foster care?” Lee asks.

“I've been in foster care since I was 11 years old.” Laura answers.

“Have you had to move a lot?” Lee asks.

“Not as much as my younger sister because I wanna stay in a home as long as I can because I don't like moving and changing.” Laura answers.

“What's the hardest part about being in foster care?” Lee asks.

“The hardest part is I guess when you're at school and you see all the other kids with their families and when they come and watch them do stuff and you're looking for your family and you know that they're not there and they might not.” Laura says.

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