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Bailey’s summer schedule includes basketball and football workouts.  He’s also hoping he can find a little time to swim.

At 15, the only thing consistent for bailey is inconsistency.

“Well, it’s been on and off for me. I just got into foster care when I was 5, then my dad died when I was 7 and after that I turned 8 and I moved in with my aunt, I was out of foster care until I’m pretty sure I was 11,” he said.

He’s had to move quite a bit, going to eight different schools.  He says the hardest part is leaving friends and having to start fresh at a new school.

Bailey has found an outlet in music, though.

“I play a lot of piano, drums, trumpet, trombone, saxophone and guitar,” he said.

Most of his musical skills are self-taught, like many things he’s had to learn in life.

Bailey wants a home and a family where he won’t have to move again.

“I’d like them to be living out in the country, somewhere where I can have animals out there like a horse or something. Have room to ride a 4 wheeler,” he said.

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