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ARDMORE, Ala. — Jack’s and the non-profit organization Kids to Love have been working together for over eight years to help change the lives of children in foster care. Money donated from the fundraising campaigns at Jack’s stores goes toward Kids to Love’s programs and outreach, such as their new house on Davidson Farms.

Many of us take for granted having a bed to sleep in at night, a table to sit and eat breakfast or a place to have a movie night with your friends and family.

Foster children often times don’t get all of that, but Kids to Love, with the help of Jack’s, is working to change those children’s lives.

“These are foster care children in our communities, in our backyards and so we’re helping our neighbors and not just ourselves,” said Christy Malone, brand manager for Jack’s.

Kids to Love is the first benefiting charity selected by the Jack’s Family Fund, which helps individuals and families in the communities where Jack’s has one of its 153 stores.

“What Jack’s support allows us to do is to meet every need that every child in foster care has regardless of the ten of programs of how we serve,” said Lee Marshall, founder and CEO of Kids to Love.

Through hard work and fundraising, Kids to Love is able to open centers like the Lee Marshall House on Davidson Farms which helps female children going through the foster care system. The Lee Marshall house currently holds five young girls but can hold up to ten, and it’s a place for girls, ages 10-19, to finally feel at home; Kids to Love recently purchased land to build a home for boys.

Over the past 14 years, Kids to Love has directly impacted over 230,000 children and they hope these homes will help change even more lives.

This is the third year Jack’s has dedicated a fundraising initiative to support Kids to Love; previous campaigns have raised over $300,000.