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DeKalb County, Ala. –  “She is a performer. She lights the stage. She is truly a rockstar,” said Ider High School Principal Bridgett Ott.  

“She is one of the most passionate, enthusiastic educators I have ever seen,” said Ott. “I am captivated walking into her room.”

“If you smile really big, it just changes the atmosphere. You can find something that prompts them through technology, you will win their attention every time,” said Stanford. 

News 19’s Ben Smith asked Stanford about telling tickets to get into her class. “That would be a good fundraiser! I could use that toward the prom or senior beta,” said Stanford.

More Words From Mrs. Stanford:

“I can’t imagine my kids not being ready walking out of my classroom and going to into a big wide world. I say what do I want my kids to walk away with? In order for that to happen it has to connect to their life. I love to see that light bulb go off above their head.”

To Stanford, It’s also about personal growth. “The chair you are sitting in right now, does not mandate the chair you are going to sit in tomorrow.”

And a message to the student who wrote in.  “Mackenzie, I love you so much  and I did not see this coming and you have helped me as much as I helped you,” said Stanford.

Mackenzie Chapman nominated Terrie Stanford for the Tools For Teachers Award.

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