ICYMI: Busted bus routes and a Supercenter serenade surprise

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Here are some of the week’s hottest stories from the web and social media… in case you missed it. Oh and, make sure to read through the end, for a Valentine’s Day recap of the surprise we REALLY loved!

Busted Bus Routes

Parents continue to raise concerns about a lack of response from Durham School Services, the company paid by Huntsville City Schools to provide bus transportation to students. The parents say Durham buses often arrive late or not at all.

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WHNT News 19 has seen several more complaints come in, since our initial report on the issue aired on February 14. Many parents are particularly frustrated with Durham's app.

Released in 2016, it was intended to help parents track their child's bus.  Some moms though, feel the app is useless because when you register, it only allows you to see your child's bus.

Here's what WHNT News 19's reporter Megan Brantley heard from Durham and Huntsville School District officials, when she reached out for answers...

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Still not happy with the bus service your child is seeing? Make sure to let us know.

Shocking Stun Gun Video

Police are investigating a video that surfaced Tuesday showing officers shocking a pregnant 17-year-old girl as she screams in agony inside a New York City apartment building.

"Get off of me, get off of me!" the girl yelled as officers attempted to hold her down before using a stun gun — clearly visible in the cellphone video, according to WPIX.

According to the criminal complaint, the girl, Dailene Rosario, who is reportedly 14 weeks pregnant, interfered with the police, screaming at them before finally pushing past one officer. Rosario allegedly shoved the officer into the doorframe of an apartment as she went by.

The incident, which happened around 10 p.m. last Friday, began when officers, responding to an unrelated call at the Bronx building, happened upon a fight involving Rosario's ex-boyfriend and another man, according to the New York Daily News.  The scuffle reportedly started over a video game.

Drug Company Drama

Marathon Pharmaceuticals announced Monday that it will temporarily halt the rollout of a drug to treat genetic muscle deterioration just hours after two members of Congress expressed outrage that the company planned to charge $89,000 a year for a drug that’s widely available abroad for about $1,000 a year. Yep, you read that right.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., urged the company earlier in the day to lower the drug’s price. They warned that they would be investigating how Marathon Pharmaceuticals set its pricing and contended that the company was abusing a program that grants seven years of market exclusivity to encourage research into new treatments for rare diseases. The program, they said, was not established to reward companies for drugs that have been available for decades.

A Supercenter Surprise Seranade

In the perfect Valentine's Day surprise... a local love story has gone viral.

Ashley Williams, a singing telegram performer, was recently hired by Demetre White after he saw a flyer for her services.  He wanted to surprise a woman he admires and has been friends with for two years and ask her to be his girlfriend. The two planned for the surprise to happen at Walmart in Decatur on Saturday, February 11.

Here's what happened when White's plan came together...

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As this new couple is spending their first Valentine's Day together in the River City, millions of people are watching their viral story!

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