ICYMI: A local HS senior’s yearbook ad gets turned away, and one of WHNT’s own shares a serious health experience

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Had a busy week? Don’t worry, we’ll catch you up. Here are some of the most notable stories from WHNT News 19’s newscasts and on social media recently.

Taking Action and Getting Results to report scams

Our “Ripoff Monday Taking Action Line” answered more than 100 calls from scam victims.We partnered with the better Business Bureau of North Alabama to learn more about scams that are circulating the area, and more importantly, to inform the public to be aware. You can report scam activity using the BBB Scam Tracker.

Controversial photos rejected for senior ad in yearbook

Phil Campbell High School put one mom on alert for her son’s senior yearbook ad. In the ad several pictures of her son featured guns, ammo, and a confederate flag. The school turned down the ad saying that weapons aren’t allowed on campus, so they’re not allowed in the yearbook.

Taking Action to keep you safe during severe weather

Our viewers stayed active on the WHNT News19’s Facebook page during Wednesday’s severe weather. Our Facebook Live of weather warnings has been viewed over 85,000 times.

Longtime WHNT anchor Jerry Hayes makes an announcement about his health

An early December trip to the emergency room led to a shocking revelation to Jerry. He was told he had gall stones and his bladder needed to be removed, but he was also told that a tumor was found in his kidney. And worse– it was cancer.

After the surgery, Jerry was announced cancer-free. But he wants everyone to use his experience as a lesson to always make your health a priority.

A crucial catch leads to a big miss in basketball

A batted pass in Tuesday’s basketball game between Fresno State and Boise State got wedged behind the backboard! Everyone tried, but players and refs could not reach the ball. But an 8-year-old Broncos fan, Hunter Hales, became the hero of the evening when he scaled up the hoop and freed the ball!

Playtime continued, and Boise State lost the game 74-67.

The Hokey Pokey can shake away the hard times

Three-year-old Madison Austin is obsessed with the Hokey Pokey. But unfortunately, she’s also dealing with a rare birth defect, meaning she spends a lot of time in the hospital. So when Madison requested a dance party in her hospital room, you can bet the nurses at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, Ill. joined in right with her.

And isn’t that really what it’s all about?!

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