Huntsville’s Islamic Center holds 3rd annual “Meet Your Muslim Neighbor”

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Huntsville Islamic Center held it’s third “Meet Your Muslim Neighbor” event on Saturday to give the Huntsville community an opportunity to learn more about Islamic culture.

One of the Islamic Center’s board members, Deborah Abualrub, says the goal for these events is to show everyone what they stand for and that everyone has a safe place at their center no matter what they believe in.

And they hope people will use the event to ask questions and find out more about their culture.

“We have a lot of questions about how Islam feels about terrorism and of course, you know, hard questions like that,” said Abualrub.

But Abualrub says she’s glad they’re asking these questions because that gives them the opportunity to explain to people how they feel.

“What we do is we just speak from our faith’s stand point. And terrorism – anything that has to do with the taking of human life goes against Islam, and our belief is in the sanctity of human life,” said Abualrub.

She says each year that they’re able to meet more people from outside of the Muslim faith and address their questions, it makes the event successful.

They’re already planning on the next event for spring 2020.


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