Huntsville restaurant ahead of the paper straw trend

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala - The move from plastic to paper straws is one of the hot topics in America right now.

Coffee giant Starbucks announced they would be removing plastic straws from all stores by 2020. Marriott International hotels and resorts said they would be doing the same by July of 2019. The transition has recently taken the nation by storm, but a restaurant in Huntsville was ahead of the curve for this trend.

Steven Bunner, owner and executive chef of 1892 East in downtown Huntsville, began the transition to paper straws six months ago. He questioned how much plastic he wanted to use at his restaurant and thought the answer to straws was simple.

"This little action itself is not going to save the oceans," Bunner said. "This is what I view to be an easy win."

1892 East now hands out paper straws on request to help the environment, but Bunner knows there won't be a change overnight.

"It's a marathon, it's not a sprint," Bunner said. "It's gonna take a lot of time and a lot of conversation."

Bunner said all the recent talk about the switch from plastic to paper is encouraging.

"We're a pebble. So our splash is not going to be all that huge," Bunner said. "It's these larger companies, the more institutional organizations in our economy that are going to really drive the change."

The vast majority of 1892 customers have given Bunner the thumbs up on the switch.

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