HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) — When Huntsville resident John Whitaker woke up Friday morning, the last thing he expected was for he and his family to become a “do-it-yourself” construction crew.

Following the intense wind gusts and severe storms that ran through Madison County that morning, a tree toppled right onto the trunk of his 2004 Suzuki Lorenza.

“I was watching these trees over here, and I saw them swaying this, one cracked and I was like “ahh there goes the car,” man I knew it,” Whitaker recalled.

The entirety of the tree smacked directly onto the car.

And once the winds died down, Whitaker, his wife Tina, neighbor Willie and friend Cliff rolled up their sleeves together, taking chainsaws to cut up the trunk off of the trunk.

He said it took nearly four hours to remove the tree, but once it was clear, he took the Lorenza for a spin down the block.

Whitaker added that the car is completely destroyed and basically totaled.

“It can be replaced,” he said.

Even hours later, there was still debris and demolished trees piled up in his yard, but John joked that it was just a new toy for his dog Apollo.

Despite his car being totaled, Whitaker could still find some humor in it all.

“I make fun of him,” his friend Cliff Craig said, “There are two driver’s licenses in the house so he has 2 vehicles for each driver, now it’s down to 1.5”

Whitaker also said that he is thankful that nobody was hurt.