HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — If you like to brag about your landscaping skills and think yours are the best in the neighborhood, then Huntsville City Officials have something that’s right up your alley, er, driveway?

“A Cut Above” is a summer landscaping challenge for anyone living within District 1, says City Council Member Devyn Keith, who is enthusiastic about inviting residents to participate.

“Maintaining a lawn takes a lot of work,” says Keith. “We want to show our gratitude for all who are making [District 1] shine bright. With summer underway, there’s no better time to showcase our neighborhoods while also introducing a little friendly competition between residents.”

The challenge kicks off on Wednesday, July 6 and will end on Saturday, August 6. There are three categories residents can compete for:

  • Best Landscaping (focuses on textures, colors, composition and more technical aspects of landscaping)
  • Most Captivating Floral Display
  • Best Curb Appeal (overall quality)

You can apply for the competition by filling out a form here.

Prizes will be awarded to winners of each category, who will be chosen by a committee made up of City leaders, along with a yard sign to display their wins on their manicured lawns.

“We are excited to kick off this first-time competition and hope it becomes a tradition each summer in D1,” Keith said. “Whether you’re already maintaining your yard or want to get started, this is a great opportunity to get outside and inspire positive change in your community.”

Keith will be working with homeowners’ associations, business groups, recreation centers, faith organizations, public facilities and more to help get the word out about the competition.

To stay aware of updates regarding the competition, you can follow the District 1 Facebook page here, or the City of Huntsville’s page here.