HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — One Huntsville barista not only helped a family feel welcome to town, but she was part of the reason they moved in the first place.

Rachel Langston is a barista at the Moon Bake Shop in downtown Huntsville. A customer is recognizing her for her kindness on social media.

Langston says coffee brings the community together, so when Juan and Patricia walked through the door to the bake shop it was natural for Rachel to talk with them and learn their story.

“I like serving people, I like helping people,” says Rachel Langston.

Rachel Langston took service to the next level when a family looking to relocate to the U.S. from Guatemala walked into the Moon Bake Shop one day.

“We actually asked her about Huntsville and how she felt about it. And she said she loved it and we should consider staying…because we were not sure if this was our city,” says Juan Mario Samayoa.

“I’m new and I love it, so I basically just like told them all the reasons why they should move here,” said Langston.

Juan Mario and his wife Patricia say that southern hospitality is what drew them in.

“People go out of their way to have a conversation and it just fills your heart,” said Patricia Pineda.

But that’s not all. When the family moved to the area and Rachel found out, she got them a gift that included suggestions of where to visit in Huntsville.

“I love giving gifts to people, I just like doing it so I was like I’m going to get them a little candle and I wrote a note for them and I had it waiting here so the next time I saw them I just handed it to them,” says Langston.

The couple says the kindness they experience in North Alabama is contagious, and they hope others will be inspired by this story to do something nice for a stranger.

“Receiving that gift was something else. I came and I shared with them and I thought let’s just share with everyone so everyone knows what we are feeling right now. It feels like home,” says Juan Mario.