HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A local artist says they have filed a police report after a downtown Huntsville mural was vandalized.

Several slashes can be seen across the art piece that depicted a young girl standing between two arches, titled “Indeed.” It was meant to establish space where there is said to be no space, according to the artist, Jahni Moore.

Moore said the damage to the piece is disappointing.

“I was hoping Huntsville had moved a little bit more forward by now, but it’s pretty clear certain infractions are still in place,” Moore told News 19.

Another artist says one of her murals was also damaged back in February, that time with spray paint. Evidence of the attempt to cover the damage still lingers. Now both are asking for answers.

“I thought it was just a one-time thing. I didn’t really realize that it was maybe one person who is continuing to do it, or we have multiple delinquents in our society who think that this is worthwhile to do,” Muralist Jessie Andrews told News 19.

“Does it come from a place of hatred on a certain race or gender? Does it come from boredom? Is it a teenager who’s doing it? Is it someone who is just filled with hate and has no other way to express it and they think this is beneficial,” Andrews continued.

The artists also said another piece was damaged in downtown Huntsville, however, a police report was not filed for the piece.

A spokesperson with the Huntsville Police Department says they are not investigating these incidents as a trend. The damage to the artists’ murals happened eight months and over five miles apart.