DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — A range of emotions are being felt in the Decatur community following the September 29th officer-involved shooting that claimed the life of Stephen “Clay” Perkins.

It was just nine days ago when Perkins was killed and since then, community members say Decatur is hurting and is feeling a collection of emotions as they continue to search for answers and seek justice for Perkins.

Following all of the recent events that have taken place in the River City, the community came together for a day of prayer.

Dozens banded together in prayer after what many say has been a difficult last week for their city. Some say no matter their differences, coming together at a time like this is vital.

Hundreds of people packed the grounds of the city hall for prayer Sunday.

Pastors like Samuel King of St. Stephens Primitive Baptist Church offered prayers as Decatur moves through what he called a difficult time period.

“We decided that we have to come out in front and pray and talk to the people allow them to at least see that we are praying for justice to be done,” King told News 19.

“We’re not just ignoring the fact that the community is hurting, the people are hurting,” the minister said.

While many joined local ministers in prayer, others were sending prayers of their own.

Some people say when the first protest occurred, the ministers were nowhere to be found. Protesters like Terrance Adkins said praying over the situation Sunday was a delay that was unacceptable.

“I haven’t seen any pastors out here while we’ve been peacefully protesting whether it’s been a vigil, whether it’s just been standing on the corner with signs saying justice for Steve Perkins,” Adkins said.

“The only thing we want is justice for Steve Perkins so if that’s what they want, if they want justice for Steve Perkins if they want the police arrested, if they want them prosecuted and terminated, we can come together”.

After the prayer gathering concluded, people continued to protest calling on law enforcement to arrest all of the officers involved in the incident.

Protests are expected to continue Monday with a demonstration planned for 5 p.m.