HAZEL GREEN, Ala. (WHNT) — All that’s left of Gidget Mullins’ home is the welcome sign that greeted friends and family when they entered her home.

That home was completely torn apart after an EF3 tornado moved through Madison County Saturday morning.

Mullins recalled the rush in the moments before the tornado touched down.

“I grabbed my daughter and knocked on my son’s door and you could tell it was here,” she said. “You could just hear this loud noise, and I called my mom, and I told her we’re not going to make it.”

She continued with tears in her eyes, “We’re going to have to go into the closet and God just told me to get into my car and just go, and I went to my mom’s house.”

Mullins, her son Jayden, 20, and daughter Willow, 4, made it out seconds before their house was completely ripped apart. And even days later, the emotions are still heavy.

“You’re sad, you’re happy, you’re scared,” she said, “You just want your home back that we worked hard to get.”

Willow was diagnosed with Leukemia two years ago, and that has put a strain on the family, though it doesn’t get them down.

“She’s a fighter,” Mullins said about her daughter, “She’s just an amazing person.”

Willow’s dog Bentley was in the house at the time of the storms, and in the morning Mullins feared the worst.

“We couldn’t get Bentley out, we just didn’t have time,” Mullins said. “We come back here and the kennel was here but he wasn’t in it and it was demolished.”

She said the family was preparing to talk to Willow about what had happened.

“We told Willow that he got scared because of the storms,” Mullins added, “Well when we finally got daylight, my brother-in-law actually found him under our she-shed that Make-A-Wish did for her [Willow] that was her wish.”

And that Make-A-Wish shed is the only thing left standing.

All they can do now is rebuild and lean on the community for support, including a GoFundMe that was started by her friends.