(WHNT) — Thirty young women will take the field this fall as an Alabama Crimsonette and one of the seniors and leaders of this year’s team grew up in North Alabama.

Hartselle native Chloe Holladay had the dream of being a Crimsonette at the young age of five and her dreams became reality three years ago when she first became a Crimsonette ahead of her freshman year.

Now ahead of her senior year, Holladay once again earned a spot on the team and has been named a captain.

“These girls have really become my best friends and we’re a family truly,” Holladay said. “I’m so excited to get to love and care for these girls as they come in because freshman year of college is not the easiest it’s a big transition, so really getting to love on these girls and just knowing that I’m here for them. Not only are we going to get through the practices but we’re going to have a really good season, a really fun time and hopefully get another run at the national championship.”

Throughout her years at Alabama, Chloe has had the eyes of Crimson Tide fans on her on gamedays but she’s also gained quite the following on TikTok giving her a platform to spread her love of God, her positivity and hopefully inspire others to chase their dreams.

Holladay knows that young women across the state and country look up to her and if you think she takes the responsibility of being someone’s role model lightly… think again.

“Being that little girl that looked up to those girls and then having little girls on gameday come up to me and they’re like ‘oh my goodness, an Alabama Crimsonette!’ it really is a privilege and all the hard work that I’ve put in has really paid off,” Holladay said. “I just remember being in that little girl’s position and when they come up to me I just wanna hug them and say you’ve got this you’re going to be me one day and it’s such a privilege such an honor.”

Looking back on the years of hard work and dedication, if she could talk to five-year-old Chloe, the same little girl who used to look up to the young women that wore the same uniform that she wears now, what advice would she give herself?

“I would just say keep pushing keep living that dream.”

Now that her wildest dreams have come true, how is she feeling as she’s been named a captain of the Crimsonettes?

“It is just a dream come true to me. Being able to lead the team is just a full circle moment and I’m just really excited.”