You can’t have fall without Chrysanthemums

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It’s hard not to think of fall flowers without thinking of the Chrysanthemum.  If you start seeing pumpkins and hay bales, you’ll see mums too.  If you think about football or homecoming parades, there’s a good chance Chrysanthemums are somewhere in the mix.  They’re easy to find, and easy to grow.

When you buy fall mums, most will be budded and ready to bloom.  Once budded, their only need is water and some sunlight; fertilizing, trimming, and pinching are not necessary.  If you keep your mums in the pot they came in, they’ll need to be watered daily.  If you move them to a larger pot, your waterings may last longer.

If you want your mums to be a perfmanent fixture in your perennial garden, plant them in the ground before they’ve bloomed.  This gives them time to establish roots before colder weather arrives, and ultimately helps them to come back next year.

Chrysanthemums come in several colors and a few different bloom seasons.  Early season may start in early September, mid season comes a week or two later, and late season comes in October to November.  With most mums, you can usually expect a month of flowers depending on when they start to bloom, and when the first frost comes.  Whatever color and bloom season you choose, mums can make a perfect seasonal addition to your landscape this fall.


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