You can plant perennial Hosta in a pot and enjoy it for years to come

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The perennial Hosta is a staple for any shade garden, but if you don’t have room in your garden, if your soil is too poor, or if you don’t have a shade garden, you can plant them in pots and still enjoy them for many years.  Here are some tips for successful planting in pots:

First, make sure your pot is large enough to accommodate the Hosta as it gets larger.  Try one that’s 18-20 inches wide.  If you don’t have a large pot, you can try a smaller Hosta variety that can fit in a smaller planter.

Use a good quality potting soil that has plenty of organic matter.  When planting a new plant, be sure to loosen the roots of the Hosta if they are tightly knitted, and only plant as deep as it was growing in its smaller pot.

Watering every few days is fine, but you don’t want to over-water if the soil is already wet.

Lastly, adding a little slow release or organic fertilizer will do your Hosta some good.

Don’t forget to keep them in an area that gets more shade than sun, and don’t expect it to completely fill up your large pot in the first summer.  Wait until after the first cold winter, and your Hosta will be up and running for many years to come.


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