What you should know about Kudzu bugs

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Meet the Kudzu bug.  You may not know about it now, but it may become more common, and a nuisance, in the future.

Kudzu bugs are a small type of stink bug.  It only feeds on members of the bean family, like Kudzu or soy beans, but can be found congregating on other host plants like cotton, wisteria, or ballbearing.  Their largest presence happens twice a year – once in spring, and again in the fall.

If you come across Kudzu bugs, know that they won’t bite, but they release a foul odor when crushed, and can stain or cause an allergic reaction on skin.

They’re attracted to light-colored surfaces and can be found congregating on walls, siding, and even light colored cars.  They may move indoors over the fall and winter, so if you want to keep them out, seal the cracks and crevices around your home so they can’t get in.  Insecticides can be used on them, but they don’t work effectively as prevention.  If you do find them in your home, just grab a broom or vaccuum to get them out.



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